welcome to Vending Services

We are Beverage Service Partners for Coca Cola, Nestle and Godrej

Vending Services is a company that provides the design and implementation of various automated vending and dispensing concepts to a variety of organizations for a variety of applications.

Automated vending services are supermarkets of the future. With all the technical advancement in the present world, vending machines are able to dispense an assortment of consumer products ranging from hot and cold beverages and snacks to non-perishable products. State of the art technology is able to ensure a 24-hour ready supply of snacks and drinks in work places, educational institutions, services organizations, industries, travel stations, building lobbies and all waiting areas. Therefore, for staff, students, patients, visitors, customers, guests and travellers vending provides the perfect on-hand refreshment service with no waiting time, no queues and no extra service charge.

Meet the Founders

Neel Shah and Navin Shah

The company was initiated by Neel Shah and Navin Shah in November of 1999. The objective of the company was to provide vending services to local organizations, public and private institutions within the East African community though not limited to it. The idea was conceptualized in 1999 and the company formed in 2000.

Our Vision

To be the leading vending machine company in East and Central Africa. 

Our Mission

  • To provide quality vending machines. 
  • To offer a diverse range of products that can be tailored to every customer’s specific requirements.
  • To deliver extraordinary after sales services.
  • To provide exemplary customer service.
  • To develop successful long term partnerships with our suppliers.